Connected Families exists to equip parents, lay people and professionals in understanding, connecting with, and cultivating trust based relationships with children, adolescents and families who have been impacted by Developmental Trauma. The Connected Families Team is made up of both counselors and parents who have each been trained as TBRI® Practitioners or TBRI® Parent Educators.

What is TBRI®?

TBRIis an attachment-informed, trauma-informed intervention for caregivers of children with trauma histories such as: prenatal stress (drug and alcohol exposure, maternal depression, maternal anxiety), traumatic birth, abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, adoption, and foster placement. Drs. Karyn B. Purvis and David Cross, authors of the book The Connected Child, developed this intervention that focuses on meeting a child’s needs for connection, physiological empowerment and correction that disarms the fear response.

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Connected Families Seminar:

This is the first step for caregivers, lay people, and professionals seeking to learn TBRI® from the Connected Families Team.  During this three hour workshop attendees will be introduced to the TBRI® Principles and Framework.  

Upcoming Dates:

 Family Connect Hour: 

These are one time events during which children and adults are invited to come and experience elements of TBRI® together.  Each Family Connect Hour will begin with a brief introduction to that event’s TBRI® Principal and then facilitators will lead adults and children through related activities.  

Upcoming Dates:

 Please note- children must be accompanied by their caregivers, this is not a drop off event.

CF Connect Group: 

Our CF Connect Group is open to parents who have attended the Empowered to Connect Conference or a Connected Families Seminar.  This 9 week psycho-educational, therapeutic group is focused on equipping parents with a deeper understanding of TBRI®. This group will also make space for parents to process their stories and will help families walk through their journey with a healthier capacity.  The group will be facilitated by a team of TBRI® Educators made up of professional counselors and parent educators and will provide a safe place for parents and caregivers as they continue their journey through the challenges and joys of parenting their children. 

    • Thursday, January 9th - Thursday, March 5th 6:30pm-8:30pm

Family Consultation:

As our team gets to know you and your family, we will be available to provide consultation and recommendations for how you can continue to grow in your knowledge and skills in order to be able to implement TBRI®.  We will join you in helping discern if and when Parent Coaching, Family Counseling or some other sort of counseling with a TBRI® Practitioner would be appropriate.