Who is Karis House?

We are a ministry of The Journey that exists to provide Gospel-centered and restorative counseling.  


We believe that all of life eventually comes back to one thing of ultimate importance: God has given us really good news (“Gospel” means good news) in the person of Jesus Christ.  Through him, we can come to God without shame or fear.  Gospel-centered counseling reflects this good news at its core even as it compassionately and patiently walks through your life’s pain, difficulty, and complexity.  That is how Jesus has loved us, and we feel called to counsel in the same way.

Restored Relationships:

People are created for deep and meaningful relationship, which is why strained and broken ones are so painful to bear.  We want to walk together with you on the road to restoring damaged relationships -- with God, with others, and with yourself.

For more information about Karis House, please read our Beliefs About Counseling page.

How much do your services cost?


Fees for seeing a licensed professional counselor (LPC) or licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) at Karis House are $110 per hour. Scholarships may be available for those who qualify.


Counseling interns at Karis House are in the final year of their graduate degree and are under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor at Karis House.  The fee to see a counseling intern is $35 per hour. Scholarships may be available for those who qualify.


There are no fees. If a client wishes to make a donation to Karis House, the gift will be accepted as a charitable donation. Donations are encouraged and go toward our scholarship fund to help others afford counseling.

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

If you’re struggling financially, we don’t want it to stop you from seeking the help you need.  Begin the intake process and we can discuss options.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment is credit or debit card, however, you may also pay for counseling sessions with cash or a check. Payment details will be discussed with your counselor.

What is Lay Counseling?

Our lay counselors are equipped to provide care and peer counsel to hurting people. They are not professional counselors or social workers, but they love God and love people and are trained by Karis House to provide spiritual counsel.  Lay Counseling is a service of Karis House and is limited to 10-20 sessions.

How long are counseling sessions?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes to one hour, although specific situations and therapies may warrant different lengths. For example, group therapy sessions are typically two hours long.

Where will we meet?

Meetings will take place at Karis House Community Counseling Center at 2811 S. Kingshighway Boulevard, St. Louis  MO, 63139. Please park behind the The Journey offices at the corner of Kingshighway Boulevard and Reber Place and enter the front door of Karis House.

How do I register for counseling or learn more?

To register or find out more information about counseling, please click here to sign up for a phone call with our intake team!