Grow: Cultivating Families That Flourish

GROW is a conference that is focused on the science of relationships, child development, strengthening the parent-child relationship, and supporting parents with practical tools to care well for their children in the midst of big emotions, difficult and confusing behaviors and a growing brain. Attendees will be led through a series of discussion topics in order to construct an understanding of the role of a parent/caregiver in the flourishing of their family, as well as the role of the family in the flourishing of God's kingdom in our communities.

Grow FAQ

Is there child care provided?

Unfortunately, there is no child care provided. We encourage you to invite a relative to stay with your children, swap with a friend or share a sitter with another attendee.

What if I am a nursing mom?

There will be rooms available for feeding/nursing or pumping. Feel free to invite a family member or sitter to meet you on-site with your child for feedings.

Can I sign up for just one parent if my spouse and I are not able to both attend? Can my spouse and I split the days?

We understand the difficulty of arranging child care for the duration of the conference. We ask that you make arrangements for both you and your spouse to be in attendance. We hope for this to be a time where you can take a step back as a couple, connect with one another, reflect on your family and emerge with a unified approach for engaging your family. Some options to consider for child care are: inviting a relative to come stay for the weekend to care for your children or swapping weekends with a friend for your children to say with them, watching their children another weekend.

Can I sign up for two different conferences if I can only make it to one day of the conference offered at my site?

If it does not work for you to attend in full at your location, we encourage you to sign up at a location that offers a weekend that works for your schedule. 

Should I come if I don’t have children at home?

YES! This conference is open to our whole church. We as a community want to grow in our understanding of how God designed us as children, how children grow and how we can be a part of caring for the children in our midst. Biological Parents, Adoptive and Foster Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers, Mentors, Journey Kids Volunteers...everyone is invited to join us!

upcoming dates:

October 11 - 12, 2019 @ the journey - tower grove