Jill Oberle, MA, PLPC


Contact Info


Education and Experience 

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, University of Missouri, 2012

Masters of Arts in Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary, 2015

Counseling Interests and Specialties

  • Depression

  • Children Issues

  • Grief

  • Anxiety

  • Family Issues

  • Attachment

  • Emotion Regulation

What You Should Know About Me

I count it an honor to walk with clients through difficult circumstances, and also a joy to witness each client grow towards living their life in a way that is most authentic to how they were created. My recent professional experience includes working as a counselor at Killeen Counseling & Associates and as a therapist at Great Circle, a residential setting with teens. 

In September 2016, I attended an intensive training at Texas Christian University’s Karen Purvis Institute of Child Development, where I studied Trust-Based Relational Intervention®. As a TBRI® practitioner, I aim to support child and adolescent clients by considering their needs holistically through connection, empowerment and correction principles. 

I enjoy working with children, adolescents, families and female adults as they face issues of anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, identity, self-worth, shame, past trauma, attachment challenges, and emotional regulation. By integrating multiple theories of practice, I aim to provide individualized care and treatment for each client. I am particularly drawn towards using methods based in attachment theory, family systems theory, and other behavior-based theories.


I married my high school sweetheart in 2012, and I am continually grateful for his love, friendship and grace in our marriage. We have a son who brings indescribable joy to our family and getting to be his mom is a wonderful gift.

Why are you a part of Karis House?

Getting to work with the team of counselors at Karis House encourages me to not only be a better practitioner but a better person. It is a great privilege to serve and work in a place that honors one another and clients with dignity and empathy.