Micheala Kearney, MA, PLPC


Staff Counselor

Contact Info

Education and Experience

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education, Hannibal-LaGrange University 2014

Master of Arts in Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary, 2017

Counseling Interests and Specialties

  • Sexual Addiction

  • Marriage Issues

  • Grief

  • Victim of Abuse (Past)

  • Spiritual Confusion

  • Family Issues

What You Should Know About Me

I enjoy coffee, dark chocolate, reading, laughing, and watching Parenthood. 

I believe that one of the key questions we all ask is "are we alone?" My hope is that counseling answers this question - that in walking alongside others, we come to know and believe that we are not alone. This is my second year at Karis House seeing women, teens, and families. I also have two years experience co-leading a group of women who struggle with sexual addiction. It is courageous to engage our stories - both the joy and the pain. What a privilege it is to take this journey with another human soul.


My husband and I have been blessed with a great community here and are proud to call St. Louis our home. Some things we enjoy are walks in the park, board games, and good food.

Why are you a part of Karis House?

I am so thankful to be working at Karis House! It is such a blessing to work with others who love wholly, grieve deeply, and are committed to seeing the gospel at work in the lives of others.