Karis Kids exists to provide Gospel-centered and developmentally- informed counseling for children within the context of their family.  

We recognize that families can benefit from counseling for various reasons, and we look forward to engaging in relationship with parents and their children on their path towards healing and restoration.


We know that families come to counseling under distressing, painful and tiring circumstances, seeking to make sense of difficult or concerning behavior. We believe that all behavior has a purpose and want to discover with you, what your child may be wrestling with, and how to best meet the needs underlying their behavior.

Our first step is assessment. We believe that assessment is a critical part of the counseling relationship and in our understanding of the unique needs and gifts in your family. To begin our process, a family will complete a comprehensive questionnaire to provide the Karis Kids team with a family history that includes significant events and relationships that have shaped each family member.

Once this paperwork is received, parents will meet with one or more counselors from the Karis Kids team for a 2-hour intake session. During the session, we have the honor of hearing your story, listening to your concerns and gathering your hopes for our work together.

After the intake session, the Karis Kids team will determine the best avenue of care, including: caregiver sessions, caregiver-child sessions, a Karis Kids group, a Karis Kids class or an outside referral to other care providers.



Trust-Based Relational InterventionⓇ Consultation

TBRIis an attachment-informed, trauma-informed intervention for caregivers of children with trauma histories such as: prenatal stress (drug and alcohol exposure, maternal depression, maternal anxiety), traumatic birth, abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, adoption, and foster placement. Drs. Karyn B. Purvis and David Cross, authors of the book The Connected Child, developed this intervention that focuses on meeting a child’s needs for connection, physiological empowerment and correction that disarms the fear response.  Karis Kids currently has two TBRI Educators trained by the TCU Institute of Child Development who provide caregiver consultation for families interested in implementing TBRIⓇ. For more information, please check out the TBRIⓇ website.


“Theraplay is a child and family therapy for building and enhancing attachment, self-esteem, trust in others, and joyful engagement. It is based on the natural patterns of playful, healthy interaction between parent and child and is personal, physical, and fun. Theraplay interactions focus on four essential qualities found in parent-child relationships: Structure, Engagement, Nurture, and Challenge. Theraplay sessions create an active, emotional connection between the child and parent or caregiver, resulting in a changed view of the self as worthy and lovable and of relationships as positive and rewarding. In treatment, the Theraplay therapist guides the parent and child through playful, fun games, developmentally challenging activities, and tender, nurturing activities. The very act of engaging each other in this way helps the parent regulate the child’s behavior and communicate love, joy, and safety to the child. It helps the child feel secure, cared for, connected and worthy. We call this “building relationships from the inside out.” (The Theraplay Institute, www.theraplay.org)

Karis Kids has two counselors under supervision for Theraplay Level One. For more information, please check out Theraplay.org.

Groups & Classes

Karis Kids will offer various groups, classes and trainings for caregivers throughout the year. Stay tuned!


Is a parent/guardian required to be present during sessions?

Yes, we ask that at least one of the child’s legal parents or guardians is present during sessions. Our primary goal is to support the caregiver-child relationship, as such, the majority of our sessions include both caregiver and child.

Can I sign someone else’s child up for counseling?

No. We ask that a child’s parent or legal guardian register them for counseling. We believe that children are best supported in the context of their primary caregivers, and as such, require that parents and legal guardians register their children. We are happy to provide consultation to a concerned individual who would like help navigating how to have hard conversations with people in their community regarding an apparent need for counsel.

How do I sign my family up for counseling or learn more?

Register to speak with our intake team for counseling services using the link below. However, if you are in a medical emergency or at risk of harm, please call emergency services.


Start the intake process


Need more information? Please email us at info@karishouse.org