Seth Pendergrass, MA, CIT



Contact Info

Education and Experience
Masters of Arts in Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary, 2018

What You Should Know About Me

I have been a carpenter for 18 years. Counseling feels like a major shift in some ways, but it also feels very natural. I love the different gifts (physical, spiritual and relational) that God has given us through His creation. I love to be outside, wether it's hot or cold & I like to be with people when we are laughing and when we are crying. I like hard work and quiet prayer time. The complexity and connectedness of our world is a challenge, but also fascinates and grips me. 

I enjoy playing drums, working out with other people, which I try to do at least twice a week in my garage. We flip tires and lift stones, and enjoy encouraging and pushing each other. I also love dogs and animals in general.


I grew up in St Louis and have an older brother, a younger sister & younger brother. We're all pretty different. There was a lot of laughter, and a lot of reading in my house growing up. I was usually the quiet one. My parents were not so into sports, but all of their kids were...lots of windows were broken with balls. Jesus and Bob Dylan were the people you didn't speak ill of in my house growing up. 
I have been married for 14 years now. My wife is an awesome woman, and a major part of opening me up to so much about who God is and who I am. She has had faith in me and encouraged me to keep pursuing the fullness of life that God has for people.

Why are you apart of Karis House?

I have known and respected several of the counselors from Karis House before I even thought about going back to school. Once I started the MAC program, I hoped early on that Karis House would be an option for my internship. Everyone I knew at Karis House talked about the value of relationships, and the team aspect. Having a place where good counseling, strong honest relationships, and my faith in Christ can all be fostered is a wonderful blessing. 
South City is my home I love that Karis House is located there. Counseling can be a stretch for many people (I have been one of those people) and I want to be as accessible as I can be to people like myself, who may be in a place where a counseling center feels foreign.