We offer many different levels of short and long-term counseling care for individuals. Whether you’re struggling with depression, grief, addiction, self-image issues, anxiety, anger, guilt, vocational concerns or even if you are not able to give words to the struggles you are facing, we want to hear your story and be a part of the healing process. We also offer specialized counseling for kids and teens.

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Marital & Premarital

Marital problems include everything from financial disagreements to sexual conflict, and much, much more. In contrast to our culture’s view that marriage is intended to “make me happy”, we believe that the covenant of marriage is intended to “make us holy” as two people come together as one to serve God. It is our hope and desire to see couples experience improved connection and attachment through counseling.

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From time to time, Karis House offers groups and classes to help people experience the good news of loving redemption in Jesus within specific contexts. For more information, please visit our Groups page.

Family counseling

Karis House has a team of specially trained counselors who have the privilege of working with children, teens and their families.  The Karis Kids Team aims to serve children, teens and families by providing affordable, Gospel-centered counseling and restoration to young people and families in their relationships with God, with one another, with friends and with self.  

We have a variety of ways in which we serve kids, teens, and families. We recognize that children can benefit from counseling for various reasons, and we look forward to engaging both kids and their parents on their path towards healing and restoration.


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